Teach Today Inc

The Global English Teacher Network

For the last few decades, billions of dollars has been invested into platforms and technology for English learners all over the world. However, for English teachers it has been quite the opposite. There has been very little innovation and investment in the services available for teachers working abroad, often referred to as ESL/EFL teachers. They are still using the same platforms and outdated technology to find jobs and search for information online as 15 years ago. Teach Today will change this with blockchain.


Sicada GmbH

DYNO.IO - Blockchain based marketplace for metabolic data

On the blockchain powered DYNO Marketplace, our users will be able to dispose of their personal data as they see fit and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way. Partners such as insurance companies, hospitals, and research institutes will be able to purchase data from our users with DYNO tokens.


BlockWRK Ltd

Monetize your data and productivity on the blockchain!

Our Blockchained Interplanetary Tangle, or BIT Network for short, is built upon the work of several existing distributed ledger technologies. The core of the BIT Network is a modified implementation of the Tangle where the directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure allows us to maintain long term scalability and zero-fee transactions. In the interest of decentralization, the BIT Network eliminates the need for “the coordinator,” replaces the use of permanodes with the IPFS protocol to archive historical data in a distributed peer-to-peer fashion, and uses daily hashing to the Ethereum blockchain to maintain the security and immutability of the BIT Network.


Code Ventures GmbH


Supporting the development of one of the best flight tracking platforms


Synced Ventures GmbH

MVP Blockchain Solution (A-ID)

Development of the core blockchain system in order to support main business feature of providing single identity solution (A-ID).


Big League Finance Ltd

Bitcoin Live

Take Your Crypto Trading To The Next Level! - Learn From Our World Class Crypto Traders - Get insider secrets and tips every month - Attend live events with the world’s top traders - Get real time trade alerts


Senzu GmbH

DeFi Launcher - Create Your Own Smart Contracts Without Coding

DeFi Launcher allows you to create your own ERC20 tokens or other smart contracts on Ethereum network. No coding skills required!