Sicada GmbH

DYNO.IO - Blockchain based marketplace for metabolic data

On the blockchain powered DYNO Marketplace, our users will be able to dispose of their personal data as they see fit and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way. Partners such as insurance companies, hospitals, and research institutes will be able to purchase data from our users with DYNO tokens.

Code Ventures GmbH


Supporting the developement of one of the best flight tracking platforms

Synced Ventures GmbH

MVP Blockchain Solution (A-ID)

Development of the core blockchain system in order to support main business feature of providing single identity solution (A-ID).

Solvice Inc.

OnRoute - OnCall

Supporting Saas solution development for 2 different domains: Complex vehicle routing and staff scheduling.

Airport Associates Ltd

Airport DMS - Document management System

To support our clients at Airport Associates we have developed a custom documet management system which tracks the entire process of handling documentation which supports Passenger, Ramp and Cargo Services.